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I'm caring and understanding about life and sexual matters and I am a really good listener too.
If you are in a stale relationship or simply looking to have a little extra
fun you will find me to be the perfect date and someone who you
can share deep intimate moments with as well as rip roaring laughter about relationships,
life and love and its trials and tribulations.
I can speak on many subjects and hold intelligent conversation with ease.
I am one fit young lady and I have beautiful long hair I often wear bobbed or in
a pony tail and my look is normally one of relaxed natural beauty with a personality
that is laid back and chilled because I truly believe that we only live once and that
life is for living to the full! My smooth body is perfectly toned and tanned with beautiful
pert breasts and nipples that protrude outwards far more than most other girls.
I also have a gorgeous smile with welcoming cum to bed brown eyes!
I enjoy the attention of a man who is excited at the thought of having me to
himself for moments of unrivalled pleasure as we begin to learn about each
other's fantasies and dreams and we explore our bodies singly and then together
in the warmth of my LUX apartment.

I have a large wardrobe of sexy uniforms and am happy to dress for your pleasure.
My favourite is expensive lingerie and also the naughty secretary look,
but I have a body that looks perfect just wearing high heels and nothing else!
French kissing is special to me because I like to enjoy the meetings too and
I feel that without good oral sex and french kissing something romantic would be missing from the experience.
Let's make the time together really special because we are both adults and we
both know what we really want and need together. I like a man who really wants
to kiss and lick me all over and I mean every part of my body inside and out.
I will respond by doing everything that a real girlfriend could possibly do to
make your cock rock hard and ready for what will happen next!

I will constantly gaze into your eyes and slowly go down onto your cock with my full lips
swallowing him into my wet mouth as my tongue vibrates and curls around his head until
he is throbbing and aching to explode into me...but wait...I am not ready yet because
I may want it all over my perfectly formed breasts or I may decide to climb onto him so
he can release his seed into my light little pussy. Your balls will not escape my pleasure either
and you should wait and see what I have in store for them! Once we have recaptured our breath
I am still not wanting you to stop because I want your tongue licking all around the edges of
my pussy lips, slowly teasing me with your wet tongue as you lick me clean and show how much
you appreciate and still desire my pink mound of pussy delight! If you are tired then
I will understand but my preference is always for you to attend to my body even after
we have cum once because you desire me and I enjoy being desired and let's make
the most of the special time we are together as lovers!

Are you now ready to be my girlfriend and share really special moments today?...
Yes?...Text or call me and let's start the action!!


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